"Ewar International Academy for Training , Development, HR development &Consulting" established in the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, with the advice of a group of specialists and consultants in the field of training, administrative, strategic, security and human resources consulting; For government and private sectors, in the year 2019 with the aim of transferring science and expertise in the latest findings of modern concepts in training and providing advice, harnessing them in serving our customers using the highest standards of institutional excellence, leadership and development, while working to direct training to our customers the right destination that enables them to achieve excellence And the development of their institutions.

To all our customers in the beloved HKJ and Arab world, we hope that you will join us with our training, advisory and service programs, which you find through all standards of quality, excellence, leadership and credibility
God bless you.


We at EIA are working to develop and skills, capabilities and knowledge of our clients and guide them to excellence and creativity through the best training and consulting experiences. Our training solutions are designed to meet the needs of each client separately, we are working to increase employee satisfaction with their institutions, customer satisfaction with our clients.

The administrative structure in EIA characterized by a sophisticated composition that qualifies it to achieve excellence and leadership and foresee the future of training and consulting in the HKJ to identify the risks that companies faces and develop solutions to eliminate them, which maintains the permanence of the distinguished relationship between us and our customers to meet their needs wherever they are, in the way they request

We are at EIA do a benchmark for training excellence, where we focus on core values and big problems, conduct the best exercises to show the institution in its best form using the best and latest global training methodologies and philosophies.

We have, at EIA , the ability to design and implement all types of trainings and consultation, which start from one-day, two-day, five-day courses, and even human resources and train-the-trainer diplomas, which last up to 30 days .. We design the training package for the trainer and the trainee, including it contains presentations and exam in both Arabic and English, to which we will then develop training solutions, evaluate training, and recommend support and institutional development mechanisms to follow.

We also at EIA implement training in our institution, or in 4-5 star hotels, and we also carry out training at the client’s place upon his request for all types of courses.


EIA will be the one of the top ten companies providing comprehensive consulting and training services to governmental and private institutions in the KHJ and Arab world.


At EIA We work to develop strategies and initiatives of governmental, public and private institutions in the areas of training and consulting in the areas of excellence and leadership, developing human resource skills and building competencies, capabilities using scientific and technical methodologies and psychological tests for employees, using quality and excellence standards through experts and consultants with competence and long experience in the field of training And consulting.


EIA pursues the principles of transparency, creativity, excellence, credibility, customer satisfaction, and sustainability of development in service provision.


  • Enhancing the confidence of our customers and improving the quality of service provided to them.

  • Contribute to spreading the culture of excellent training and investing in human resources

  • Continuous development of our training programs according to the needs of our clients.

  • Promote the consultancy services provided to public and private institutions and make them distinguished by excellence and continuity.

  • Achieving excellence in the scientific material (training bags) provided to our clients according to their needs and what achieves their goals.